Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Pyramid Ball

For more than a decade, Charles E. Herring, one of the Harnett High School Alumni founders, expressed a strong desire to have more student participation in the activities of the Reunion. After much persuasion, Evelyn Cameron McKinney consented to implement his vision of a Debutante Ball and successfully formed the first committee before even leaving the Reunion. The Chairperson and her Co-chairs decided, in an effort to reach more students, instead of a Debutante Ball (later renamed “The Charles Herring Pyramid Ball”) where the children would have to be older, the event would be called, “The National Harnett High School Alumni Pyramid Ball. Participants would range in age from nine years to first year college students. Both male and female students were encouraged to participate. After several planning sessions and much dedication, the first Pyramid Ball with seven Gems and Jewels was presented in 1998.

The purpose of the Pyramid Ball is to generate revenue for the Organization’s Scholarship Fund. All proceeds from this event are earmarked for the Fund and are tax deductible.

In addition, the Pyramid Ball provides our youth the opportunity to share their talents, goals and accomplishments. Participation in such an event assists in developing strong character and self-esteem. As a result of the work of this committee, The National Harnett High School Alumni Association has been fortunate to have a number of outstanding young people joining in our Reunion activities each year.

Pyramid Ball 2017

Greetings Fellow Alumni and Friends,

On behalf of the Executive Board of Directors of the National Harnett High School Alumni Association, Inc.; it is my pleasure ot extend warmest greetings and congratulations to our Pyramid Ball participants. We hope that you have enjoyed your experience over the last few months and that it will be beneficial to you in the years ahead.

We would also like to thank the parents and families of the participants whose hard work and dedication have helped to make this occasion possible. The Pyramid Ball is a major fundraiser for our Scholarship Fund and your participation makes it possible for some deserving young man or woman to further his/ her education. With your help, we are able to continue the work for which this organization was founded.

Best Regards, Linda S. Sturdivant Chairperson of the Board

The Pyramid ball is a contest that is held annually during the Reunion weekend on Saturday night. It is a major fundraiser for our scholarship fund. Contestants are tasked with raising money and selling ads for the Pyramid Ball book. The contestants also get the opportunity to flaunt their talents during the Ball which was held on November 25, 2017. Whoever raises the most money wins the contest. This year’s contestants were: Megan Ashley Judd, Kenneshia Cohen, and Javonte Emmanuel Estinifil.

Kenneshia Cohen won the contest. She performed a special mime dance and raised over $1,635. Megan Judd raised $1,060.00, and Javonte Estinifil raised $365.00. Contestants were awarded 10% of the money they raised.

Kenneshia Cohen is the daughter of Barbara and the late Kenneth Cohen. Keneshia is the youngest of three siblings and an aunt of one nephew. She is a High School Senior at Reid Ross Classical School. While at Reid Ross Classical, Kenneshia participates in multiple clubs such as: Key Club, National Honor Society, Academy of Scholars, Multicultural Club, Positivity Project, Student Government Association, and Science Olympiad.  When Kenneshia has free time, it is spent within the community on activities such as: Upward Bound, Project Uplift, Heels for Success, Children’s Church, Junior Usher Board, and community service with United Way.

Kenneshia’s hobbies include tutoring and serving people. Kenneshia plans to attend UNC-Charlotte and later become a Physical Therapist for a professional team.

Megan Ashley Judd is the proud daughter of Mary and Lonnie Judd. Megan was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Megan is a junior at Triton High School and attends the Harnett Health Science Academy at Central Carolina College. Megan is a 3x State Champion for Oral Interpretation in the state of Florida. Her excellence in education is wonderfully complemented by her sweet demeanor. Meagn is well liked by her classmates and well respeced by each of her teachers, for her dedication and Christ like attitude to all that she does. She has a drive and determination to succeed in the academic, social, and spiritual realms.

Her academic achievements are numerous and reflect her character thorugh hard work. Megan is a quiet leader, the kind that leads not just by words, but primarily through her desire to be an example of a Godly young person. Her actions long reflect that before words are necessary. Megan is on a mission to teach people all over the world how to build the confidence and courage to live the life of Christ.

Megan's long term goals are to pursue a degree in Osteopathic Medicine (DO) at UNC Chapel Hill and continue to be a humble vessel for the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ on the mission field.

Javonte is the son of Natasha McNeill. He was born in South Miami, FL. He has one sister, Genyia Johnson; one brother, William Hill Jr. Javonte is 17 years old and a senior at Triton High School. At school, Javonte is a member of the Science Club and Art Club. He also was recognized as a National Award Winner by the United States Achievement Academy for two years. His hobbies are drawing, cooking, and playing video games.

After graduation from high school he plans to attend a 4-year institution pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. Javonte's career goal is to become a Graphic Designer designing games or animation.

Pyramid Ball Guidelines


Contestant need not be affiliated with The National Harnett High Alumni Association, Inc. He or she must be in school and between the ages of nine (9) years and twenty-one (21) years, male or female. He or she may be a first year college student.

Each contestant must complete the attached application and submit it to the committee on or before the deadline of September 24. The application must include a recent photo of the contestant to become part of the Pyramid Ball souvenir journal. (Photo will be returned upon request of applicant). Each contestant will be responsible for soliciting advertisements and patrons for the journal. All advertisements are due by November 1.

Winners will be classified as first, second and third place winners, based on the amount of monetary donations contributed.

Each contestant is responsible for a presentation (which can be a talent of choice, i.e. song, rap recitation, dramatization, musical instrument, dance routine, etc. Be creative.

Contestants may be asked to participate in a unity presentation. Rehearsal for the Ball will be announced far in advance of the ball to allow all participants time to arrange their schedule. Everyone must be at the rehearsal. (You do not have to provide an escort I will have someone to escort each contestant).

ATTIRE: Girls formal dress with sleeves (no halters or back outs). Boys-black suit, white shirt, black tie or bow tie, black socks black shoes.

Each contestant will be allotted two (2) tickets for the Banquet and Pyramid Ball , all other guest will be require to pay thirty-five dollars (35.00) admission fee.