Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Upcoming Events

“Come Join Us for our Carribean-Style Reunion Weekend”

The National Harnett School High Alumni Association, Inc. will once again bring its Annual Reunion weekend back home. Thanks to the great support of numerous partners including the City of Dunn, the Dunn Area Tourism Authority, the Daily Record, local restaurants and all the local hotels, especially the Fairfield Inn.

Last year was fantastic. We had record numbers of participants that came back home for the first time in years. There were a number of highlights and exciting events last year that will be hard to top. However, we had a great team on board and they ensure me that this year will be even better!

Our reunion weekend kicks off Friday night, November 25, 2019 with the first night of our trip to the Carribean. We have our annual Hall of Fame Inductions, Living Legends Awards, dancing to Carribean-style music, and much more with outstanding food! Saturday night jump starts our President’s Scholarship Ball with a full Jamaican adventure; food, dancing, pictures, awards and much more! It will be a “Must Come” weekend!

Set your calendar for the Reunion weekend, November 25-27, 2019."

Board meeting

The National Harnett High School Alumni Association, Inc. would like to invite local churches, businesses, and civic organizations to include Masons, Veterans, barbers, etc. to join us in our Men in Education initiative. We are challenging all men in the community to volunteer at an area elementary schools. Take a few minutes out of your day to show your face in the school and let our sons see people who look like them in the schools in some capacity. Our sons need you! To learn more, please contact Mr. Perry Massey at For more information about volunteering in Harnett County Schools, visit

The Alumni Association is soliciting nominations for the Legends of Harnett High School recognitions. Please send nominations to John Fitzpatrick, President at

The Alumni Association is also soliciting nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame. Please send nominations to Dave McNeill at

The Board is currently re-visioning the Pyramid Ball and are open to suggestions. Please contact John Fitzpatrick or Emily Grady with your suggestions.

The National Harnett High School Alumni Association, Inc.

The National Harnett High School Alumni Association, Inc. (NHHSAAI) is a nonprofit corporation established by two of its graduates, Charles L. Herring and Parham McNeill for the purpose of preserving the heritage of the school, establishing a link to the future, while also providing financial assistance to young men and women pursuing a higher education. Established in 1971, the National Harnett High School Alumni Association's headquarters are located in the Education Campus at the Central Carolina Community College Dunn Enrichment Center, 660 E. Johnson Street, Dunn, North Carolina.

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Adolph Brinkley
Nathaniel McNeill
Clayton McDougal
James Smith (deceased)
Brenda (Bennett) Smith
Glen Pegues
George Malloy

2018 Scholarship Winners

Zyon Bakari Hicks, Triton High School
Kenneshia Jamal Cohen, Reid Ross Classical School
John Charles Fitzpatrick, Riverside High School
Kaylin Phanice Ingram, North Myrtle Beach High School
Javonte Emmanuel Estinifil, Triton High School
Gabriel Cuellar, Harnett Central High School


2017 Hall of Fame

Adolph Brinkley
Henry (Bo) McKeithan
Clayton McDougal
Mary Alice (Smith) Campbell
Perry (Big Bird) McKeithan
Dorothy Jacobs
Gloria Bennett
Sandra (Howard) Brunson
Elaine (Ray) Jones
Ronnie Spears
Ida Rosetta White
Doris (Matthews) Olds

hall of fame

2017 Scholarship Winners

Brandon Moore
Clarkton, NC
Campbell University

Kemari Harris
Dunn, NC
UNC Charlotte University

Destiny Barnes
Dunn, NC
UNC Chapel Hill University

Trezivont Woods
Lillington, NC
California University of Pennsylvania

Kania Davis
Dunn, NC
Fayetteville State University



Please view images of the National Harnett High School Alumni Association, Inc. 48th Annual Reunion Here

Memorabilia are on sale:

Polo shirts $5
Jackets $15
T-shirts $5

Contact John Fitzpatrick for orders.

To Our Alma Mater

To thee, our dear old Harnett High,
We’ll sing thy praises.
We’ll ever honor and praise thy sacred shrine.
Ever and ever, we’ll adore thy guidance,
We’ll fight to keep the beacon ,
Of learning bright for thee.

To thee our dear old Harnett High,
We’ll extol thy annals,
Thy blue and gold we shall cherish through life,
As emblems of beauty, of truth and wisdom.
Through learning, thy guiding spirit
Inspires like an unfailing light.

To thee, our dear old Harnett High,
Noblest of alma maters,
Our milestone to knowledge, to truth and precepts high.
Thy banner shall ne’er be furled,
We pledge to keep it heavenward
That fine tradition and high ideals
Will be our work well done.